They grow up fast, don't they? We have two girls and a boy and know how quickly kids can change and grow right before your eyes. We've worked with children of all ages, from birth to seniors, so you can feel confident that yours will have a lot of fun while making amazing images during your portrait session.

At Next Level Photography we love to photograph children on location, in studio, or both! Our studio is very close to Cascade Park so we find ourselves there often and recommend it for great pictures. We know all the best spots, and we'll also travel to your favorite place if you have something in mind.

With little ones, we love to get them involved in doing something. It can be as simple as drawing with chalk, or playing with bubbles, or something unique to your family. Some of my absolute favorite images was with a family with two girls, who loved tea parties - so we created a tea party in the woods.

With older children, their style, interests, and hobbies are important to them, and show through in their images. We can help you decide on outfits that generally work well for portraits as well as incorporating props such as instruments, sports, cars, pets, you name it, into their photographs.

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